JORDAN may look ordinary for others but you have to meet him personally to prove you're wrong. He's a 5'7" sweetheart from Ilocos Sur. Not the smiling type of guy but he makes you feel at ease when you're with him. He was nice enough to do these poses I've asked him to do. He is a professional masseur currently working in San Juan City at the Phoenix Massage Center.


JAMES may look snobby and unfriendly at first because he doesn't talk much. But once you get to know him, you'll know that he is actually a talkative person. I personally love his nice red kissable pouty lips. I find them to be very sexy. He works professionally as a masseur at the Xtreme Massage Center in San Juan City.


TYRON has a great tanned skin that makes him so attractive. Very boyish look, and so fresh. His eyes are very captivating, mysterious, and very asian. Looking at them makes you want to know more about him. He is currently working as a professional masseur at the Xtreme Massage Center in San Juan City.


JOJO is your guy next door kind of guy. He looks very young, innocent, and fresh. I personally like his black spikey hair. I could tell that this was not his first time to pose. He actually knows what he was doing and flirts with the camera really well. He works as a professional masseur at the Xtreme Massage Center in San Juan City.


AMAR is your total visayan hunk. He has a great long and very lean body with nice moreno skin color. This was his first time to pose nude in front of a camera and I could see that he's a very shy guy. He works as a professional masseur at the Phoenix Massage Center in San Juan City.


IKKI is the youngest guy that I've photographed so far. He is only 19 years old from Mandaluyong City. He likes going to the mall, listening to cool music like R&B, classic songs, and jazz music. He is also a regular guy that likes to play arcade games during his spare times. Currently, he is playing Tekken 6. Sometimes, he would go to the gym and do some taekwondo.

He met an accident only this March while he was on a road trip with his friends to Subic. The car radiator exploded and burned parts of his right cheek, near the eyes. He has fully recovered with some minor scars.


MARC is only 28 years old, residing in Quezon City, a Product Development Officer. He is into creative arts like photography, graphic arts, theater, film acting, singing, and hosting. He also does events planning.

He is an Architecture and Interior Design graduate and he plans to have his very own concept store and product line someday.